Household Work : Conversation Between Mother and Daughter

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Conversation Between Mother and Daughter on Household Work Changing Responsibilities

Daughter: Mom I am tired of doing same thing every day, day after day.
Mother: What are you talking about?
Daughter: I am talking about my study, Could you assign me some household works?.
Mother: Well that’s not a bad idea. What about mowing the lawn?. Would you like to do that?
Daughter: Mowing the lawn? That’s really hard work.Don’t you have something easier?
Mother: Can you vacuum the carpets?
Daughter: Yes,I think i can do that.When do i start?

Conversation Between Mother and Daughter on Too Much Household Work

Mother: Was I born just to talk care of this house and keep it clean?
Daughter: What happened to you? Why are you behaving so rude?
Mother: We have a party in a couple of days and you are not helping me.
Daughter: Oh i am sorry mom, There was an important game on the TV & I wanted to watch it.
Mother: I gave up a get-together with my friends to do all this work, and all you want to do watch a game?
Daughter: I am sorry, Mom. Let me lend you a hand. what do you want me to do?


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